However you throw us, we will stand

The Culture Buzz is a creative nano-business providing a range of services for clients and community. Principal John Busbee and associates have the experience, skills and flexibility to quickly respond to the needs of their clients, which range from individuals to organizations or groups to communities. With more than four decades of experience, Busbee brings statewide and national perspectives into projects, leveraging a keen understanding of connectivity for creating a greater synergy and success for outcomes.

Through its programming division, the original seed for The Culture Buzz, an independent radio program, continues producing a weekly, two-hour show, broadcast in Central Iowa and simultaneously streaming online. Since 2007, this service promotes international, national and Iowa-centric audio stories covering literature, performing arts, history, unique community-beneficial cultural events and initiatives, and strong connections between successful economic development and a strong arts and culture component. Primarily serving the Central Iowa market, The Culture Buzz’s influence has reached across Iowa and has appealed to global audiences.

The Culture Buzz launches its new Greater Des Moines review service, providing professional perspective and analysis of theatre productions within the market as defined by the Greater Des Moines Cloris Leachman Excellence in Theatre Arts Awards footprint. These reviews provide the public with an independent review of shows, giving patrons additional perspective for live performing arts participation and the many benefits that come with such engagement.

Does your community want to identify and develop its unique cultural identity? Through The Culture Buzz, Busbee has the experience and abilities to aid in this process. He has successfully helped Iowa communities identify unique cultural assets and create strategies to maximize their appeal for cultural tourism. His strong abilities to collaborate with and inspire stakeholders lead to building stronger community engagement, while also building destination appeal for the community.

The Culture Buzz has a track record of success and the resources to develop performing arts and/or exhibit projects for its clients. These can range from a single play to a series of performance pieces, or from an exhibit bringing special focus to some aspect of a community’s heritage or cultural appeal. From producing a CD or video to capture an important aspect of a community, or a multi-tiered approach, Busbee infuses his experienced energy into his work while empowering local ownership.

The Culture Buzz team has the experience and expertise to help its clients identify what to focus efforts and resources on, serving as the catalyst to achieve positive results for their community and its residents.